Manufacturing Procedure
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1. Blue Print Drawing
The first stage of investment casting method is designing parts and drawing blue prints of the products that requires no defect, light weight and rationality.
2. Metal Dies Forming
HANIL produces metal dies that must be made by taking into account expansion rate between hot and cold temperature of the metal.
We can offer you relatively short delivery time and low cost.
3. Wax Pattern Making
Then wax is injected into the metal mold to produce prototype of product that stands the expansion rate.
4. Wax Assembly
Wax patterrns are then welded to the sprue post.
A sprue post may hold anywhere from one to several hundred patterns in one assembly which then so called a tree.
5. Coating
A tree is coated with refractory material and then after dried.
This procedure is repeated several times and the coating of ceramic gets its suitable thickness.
6. Dewaxing
After the drying procedure, the heat of steam in a dewaxing autoclave melts the wax down.
7. Burnout (Burn out of shell)
Dewaxed mold is then baked in a furnace to burn out residues on the mold interface completely and this heat treatment also enhances physical strength and permeability of the shell.
8. Pouring
Molten metal is poured in burned-out shell.
9. Mold Shattering (Removal of Ceramic)
The mold is then broken to get products by using shatterer.
10. Cutting (Part Cutting)
Products are to be cut off from the sprue post.
11. Gate Grinding
Grinding the residues on the surface of the products.
12. Heat Treatment
To improve mechanical strength of the additional products heat treatment is to be performed according to their characteristics.
13. Inspection
All of Hanil products are inspected strictly and thoroughly.
Not only size and shape of the products are inspected visually but also X-ray and chemical composition analysis are performed on its own strict specifications.